caricaturist  illustrator jonathan cusick portfolio

Caricaturist Illustrator Portfolio

As a caricaturist, Jonathan's got your needs covered. Here are examples of his published work for newspapers and magazines, political magazine covers in the UK and overseas, book covers and advertising campaigns. Clients include the Spectator, the Week, Radio Times and Word magazine. The Cartoon Art Trust gave him their Caricature award in 2007 for work in The Times newpaper (UK). His caricatures have been exhibited at London's Cartoon Museum and National Portrait Gallery ( BP Portrait Award). Watch him drawing caricatures on the video page above. If you're an art director, art buyer, marketer or designer you need to call Jonathan.

Royal caricaturist illustrator art
 art caricature illustration by JOnathan Cusick
UK political cartoonist for The Times
Politicial cartoonist, painted Caricature of celebrity
hire caricaturist for Times newspaper
Political caricaturist Jonathan Cusick magazine cover, UK. Find a cartoonist
Find a Political Cartoonist- Jonathan Cusick caricature painting for tv review
Political caricaturist illustrator- politics prime minister
Times Newspaper caricature illustrator
aricature published in UK newspaper- uk caricature illustrator
Published caricature illustration from the times, Britain. Hire a caricaturist
caricature illustrator for UK Music Magazine cover
political caricature illustrator- caricaturist for publishing
Published caricature, editorial cartoon of royalty
Painting by british caricaturist Jonathan Cusick- find a caricature illustrator
Political caricature of prime minister
caricature of british comedians for private art collection
caricature for book cover, QI Annual by jonathan cusick, professional caricaturist
political caricature for British magazine cover
House of Cards advertising campaign by caricaturist Jonathan Cusick- caricatures for ads
caricaturist for print- jonathan cusick example caricature
political caricature for spectator magazine cover- find a cartoonist
celebrity caricature by caricaturist illustrator Jonathan Cusick
chef bake off caricatures GBBO
Radio times caricature- desert island disks Bob Harris